Performance - Power and Fuel Consumption

In this section I'll provide my thoughts on how the bike is performing in terms of power and handling. I will also keep track of fuel consumption.



Fuel Consumption

Fill Up:

2016-08-19, 163 km, 14.9 litres (10.9 km/litre, ~25.9 mpg US, 31.0 mpg CDN)

Mostly easy riding for the last 163 km along a reasonably flat trail or roads and at speeds no higher than 50 km/h (30 mph). Almost all single rider with about 60 lbs in gear (kayak, paddle, etc.).

2016-07-02, 173 km, 19.2 litres (9 km/litre, ~22 mpg US, 25.5 mpg CDN)