See It, Touch It, Feel It. The only way to truly experience the beauty of West Parry Sound and the Georgian Bay Biosphere is to get out and explore. Depending on your interests and abilities the possibilities range from comfortable to rugged.


It's Your Adventure

There is no such thing as a ‘canned’ adventure. You are at liberty to adapt any of the suggested adventures to suit your needs. Want to keep it shorter, or add on a little? We'll try and let you know how long things take and what options may be available. Have a suggestion on something we should try out and share with others? Drop us a line and let us know. 


In every adventure safety should be a primary concern. We aren't climbing Everest or paddling the Amazon, but it's easy enough to trip and fall, tip out of a boat, or stay out too long in the heat, or cold. Always take along the appropriate safety equipment. When hiking a trail later in the day, bring along a light. It's tough enough scrambling over rocks when you can see them. We'll post some suggestions on safety equipment, but in the end it's your responsibility to be properly equipped and reasonable in what you attempt.