Some Background ...

This section of the Red Rock ecoAdventures website will provide an ongoing summary of my experiences with a brand new 2016 CF Moto ZForce 500 HO Side-by-Side (SxS) all terrain vehicle. This is a new sport for me. I have had some experience with the sport while adventuring out on the Park-to-Park Trail (P2P) linking Killbear and Algonquin Parks in a CF Moto SxS with the P2P Trail Manager as a volunteer and board member.

I am hopeful that sharing my experiences riding and owning a CF Moto, good and possibly not-so-good, will provide the necessary information to help people decide if this is a sport that they wish to dive into.

I am not at this stage a CF Moto 'Fan Boy', but I hope to be. Becoming a 'Fan Boy' will mean that the 'bike' (that's what they are called), has met and exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and reliability. The key concern for me is reliability. I travel solo and need to make sure that any machine that can get me to where I want to go can also get me back out. 

Herbie on the Rosepoint Trail (May 2016)

Herbie on the Rosepoint Trail (May 2016)

My experiences with the dealer will also be a topic of discussion. All machines, especially those ridden on and off trail will have issues. The whole CF Moto experience will depend not only on the build and design of the machine, but the service provided by the dealer. In my case I am working with Rosseau Road Powersports & Marine (Rosseau Road Powersports). They are the local CF Moto dealer in the West Parry Sound area. I am friendly with the owner, Bill Park, having served with him for a couple of year on the Park-to-Park Trail board of directors. I imagine that this website will lead to some 'friction' in our relationship. My intention is to be direct and open in my comments, which may not always be what the dealer wants to hear. And at times I may be wrong in my praise and criticism. But when you are buying a new machine, that can cost over $20,000 (this one was much less), you need to trust the brand and the dealer. One of the reasons I purchased a CF Moto was because I am confident in the service provided by Rosseau Road Powersports, but I will need to see how that plays out.