From little acorns ....

mighty oaks do grow.

We are still landlocked, the Beagle requires some preseason attention, but we are still out by the water and in the water with a kayak and canoe. While wandering around in the bush I came across a number of acorns 'doing their thing'. It's something I hadn't thought about before but makes complete sense - growing up and down at the same time.

Unlike many 'seeds' that need to be planted in the ground to germinate and sprout, it seems acorns take things into their own hands and at the appropriate time split their shell and send roots down, and a trunk up. This photo shows what goes on at ground level.

I'm breaking out of this shell.

I'm breaking out of this shell.

It's pretty obvious then that oak trees don't depend on animals to plant their acorns to ensure the next generation. How about that bright red colour? It's even more interesting to see a dozen or more acorns doing the same thing, in the same area, at the same time; which happens to be right now. Survival of the fittest.