Making Lemonade

Spring is on the way and the outdoors isn't really fit for being in the water or on the ice. A very active 'kiter' in Parry Sound has been taking the opportunity to do some kite ski sailing on the Big Sound. He would prefer snow, but if all you have is lemons.......

That's not water you see on the ice, it's very hard and very slippery ice.

The weather has been such that the snow and surface ice melts a little during the day and freezes hard at night. The type of conditions that are ideal for having maple sap flow also means the trails are generally hard and crusty. It makes it possible to walk on the snow without snowshoes, but it's not practical to ski on them.

We'll see what happens this week, the forecast is for above freezing temperatures by day and freezing temperatures by night. So it's likely that early in the morning there will be a sheet of ice and by afternoon a puddle. We are still weeks away from being in the Big Sound but there is the possibility of kayaking in the streams and rivers which are pretty much open. 

Kite skiing on the Big Sound (32015-03-28)

Kite skiing on the Big Sound (32015-03-28)