Big Sound Update

I guess it's time to provide at least some update on what has been going on in Parry Sound and the Big Sound. Even though the Beagle was put to bed months ago there is still lots to do in and around Parry Sound; skiing and hiking the Big Sound, the North Shore Rugged Trail, the Rose Point Trail, or paddling in the Flea (10 foot yellow kayak).

While I miss the islands this time of year, it's a bit far to ski out to them and it can be dangerous with varying ice levels, the colours of the dawns and sunset even on the Big Sound are something special. So I'll provide people with what things look in the Parry Sound area as Winter progresses and changes to Spring.

The image below is of Three Mile Point on Parry Island, a few minutes after sunrise. It's a reasonably short hike or ski, 2 km or so, out to the light from either the Smelter Wharf or Waubano Beach in Parry Sound. And there is lots of ice, about 25 cm (12 inches) or more at this point (February 3rd). It would be a quick bike ride with one of those fat bikes you see rolling around Parry Sound. Hmm, now there's an idea, they rent them at Parry Sound Bikes. That might be a reasonable way to get out to the islands, ice permitting.