It's Not the Snow, It's the Cold ...

that leads me to predict that there will be a slow start to the boating season.

It has been much colder than usual for the last three weeks or so with the nighttime temperatures  dropping down to -30°C (-22°F), and only getting up to -15°C in the day. The normals are a high of -2°C and a low of -13°C. That kind of cold leads to bright, clear bitterly cold days that favour the formation of thick ice.

The net/net is that it's likely the ice will be around into the spring and the water will take longer than normal to warm up. Boating when the water is cold is invigorating, but not inviting. The water levels will probably be well above chart levels which is good news for boaters. The wildflower season may start slowly but it should last longer than usual.

This is a photo of the Big Sound later in the day just off of the North Shore Rugged Trail a couple of days ago. It's about two months since the winter solstice.